No Boat Tie-up Party this 2016 Summer, sailors.
Maybe next year.....
Relive the memories, below.....

Are you READY ?!?!   Here we go again !!!!

Saturday July 28    1-6pm
Summer's BEST Newport Boat Party !!!

YAAAHH !!!  We got the Permit, it's Game On !!!!
See the Event Recap and pictures of past Tie-Up Parties below !!!
All Boat spots are FULL, we are Sold Out !!!
No Boat Crashers, please !!!

12th Annual Newport Harbor Summer Boat Party

See the Flash Updates below for the latest information !!
 Diamond Productions
Our 14th Annual
Newport Harbor Boat Tie-Up Party

Saturday, July 28

Newport Tie Up Yacht

Someone has invited you, so you already know where the Party is....
Check with the Boat Captains below if you need a ride !!! 

Captains, Mates and those who enjoy a fun day on the water meet Saturday, July 28 for our Annual Boat Tie-up Party !!!  This is the 14th year for this bash and it's the best event of the Summer in Newport Harbor - ask anyone who's been there.  Live Band, dancing, 25 boats, lotsa pretty mermaids, and fun for all !! There is an Aerial view below of a prior year's gathering.... this year even better !!  We don't do any publicity on this party, keeping it on the down low.... Captains are in charge of their ship and guests !!!

Find the Tie-UP Party Page on Facebook

Boat Captains Only please call me anytime....
We invite the Boat Captains and they invite the crews !!

---------- Latest Flash Updates ---------
Check back often right here for the latest information !!

-    We have 20 BEEEEG boats confirmed, and 20 is the max, please no Boat Crashers.  We  have ornery Security on both ends and those not registered will be asked to anchor elsewhere  !!!
-    20 Boats confirmed in as of Friday July 27, WE ARE COMPLETELY FULL!


1.   We have a gen-u-ine Permit from the Harbor Patrol for this shindig. Party starts at about 1:00 pm and go until 6:00 pm, per the Permit.  Some Captains will come earlier, some later.  Check with your Captain to see what time you sail !!  We will we have a Live Band on one of the boats. 

2.   We got broken up a few years ago for the first time, b/c we had too many Boats in the Turning Basin area.  We have a tight list of large (very large) boats that are part of this.  This is not the River...only the boats on our list will be able to Tie-up, otherwise the Harbor Patrol will bust us up (too many boats) and no one has any fun.  Boats without a full crew of mermaids are not welcomePlease, No Boat Crashers !!!!    Everyone's cooperation is appreciated.  If you are not registered with us, anchor your boat safely aways off and take your tender or dinghy over to the Party, you are welcome to come that way.  Or bring your Duffy boats or whatever from anywhere in the Harbor.

3.   Per the request of many of the Captains, we will NOT be running a Duffy Shuttle back and forth from the mainland this year.  The Captains have told us that those who come by Shuttle don't bring anything and overload the Party.  Find a ride, rent a boat, find a Captain, and come out for the fun .... you must arrange your own way.

4.   We will post a list below of the Captains whose boats are not full later as we get closer to the date -  please call the Captains below and make arrangements. You gotta call the Captains below, I don't know who is going on what boat or how many people can still come - the Captains know that.  I know that all of the boats will be full, 500+ people, so call right now !! 

5.  Hear the sounds of The George Fryer Combo and DJ Teddy Large all afternoon !!!

6.   It goes without saying, but....  enjoy our time, drink sensibly and no drugs !!!  The Harbor Patrol will be watching our every move through binoculars, and they don't need much of an excuse to bust us up, so..... 
be cool, have fun, do it right !!!!

Any questions please email boatparty@bestOCevents.com 

See you Saturday July 28 !!!!!  


Your Pirates--->>       Todd Gullett       Robert Reeves 
Al Freeman       Dave Wabasewski     <<---Your Pirates

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Boat Captains Only.... call me for confirmation

Al Freeman - Diamond Productions
Office (949) 222-2232  cell (714) 390-5190

20 Boats confirmed in as of Friday July 27, WE ARE COMPLETELY FULL!

Mermaids and Crew.... Please call below to get a ride, or arrange your own way.
We don't place people on boats, please call the Captains or ask around.  
Captains are in charge of their Boats !!!
As requested by the Captains, NO DUFFY SHUTTLE this year !!

Here's the Boat Captains with extra spots - call them now !!

Check back often for changes and updates

Boat Captain name

Contact phone #

. .
. .
. .
. .

Find the Tie-UP Party Page on Facebook

Past Tie-up Parties....
Terrific days on the water !!!!

We've had about 37 boats, 22 in the Main Line,
and over 500 people... WOW !!! 

Here's a video of the live band and some crowd shots....

Prior Year's Tie-Up Party - Event Recaps

This year was the BEST, the BEST one yet !!!  We had to cut down the number of boats and not publicize it very much, just to keep the crashers away and make the Harbor Patrol happy, and it worked out perfectly.  We had 17 boats on the main line, about 24 total, about 480 people total.  Barry Saywitz wins the Pirate Award with 53 guests !!  And Dr. Richard Moy came in a close second....

We had a FABULOUS time on the water, and our Security staff kept the boat crashers away.  Perfect weather in the 70's, mild wind, and no problems... just lotsa FUN !!!

There are thousands of pictures out there - here's some examples, send me links if you have pictures or vids.  More pictures/vids from 2009 & prior years are down farther:

Click Here  for a recap of the event and pix, courtesy of Kevin Wilkerson / Pub Club
Click Here  for 2010 Pix, courtesy of Tuesday's Girls Modeling Agency
Click Here  for 2010 Pix, courtesy of Maraiyha Bettencourt
Click Here  for 2010 Pix, courtesy of Rob Forman
Click Here  for 2010 Pix, courtesy of Dan Beres
Click Here  for 2010 Pix, courtesy of Ruth Drexler
Click Here  for OC Party Pix, Group 1
Click Here  for OC Party Pix, Group 2


Click Here for 2009 Pix, courtesy of Tony Lattimore, photog excellante...

And Click Here for still more pix, thanks Jenna Urmston

Click Here for 2008 pix, thanks to Dave Tanner and James Raven
Click Here for some pix from 2008, thanks to Dave Siegmund
Click Here for another set from James Raven and Bob Gick
Click Here for a Video, courtesy of Barry Saywitz and John Kuebler
Click Here for Kevin Wilkerson's  Pub Club 2008 Review !!

Click Here to see a Professional Video from 2007 
Click Here for a write-up from 2007's Boat Party

Aerial View of the Newport Boat Tie-up
Courtesy of Charlie Hartwell, Private Pilot


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Alan Freeman

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